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Three ways to support the Steelmen

It may be the close season, but there’s a huge amount going on behind the scenes as the coaches and management put together the Steelmen squad for 2019-20.

It’s an obvious fact that no club at this level runs without money. The WRU payment isn’t enough and, unlike some (but exactly like most) we haven’t got a rich benefactor with seemingly bottomless pockets. What we have, though, is one of the biggest support bases in Wales and so it takes all that support to dig a little bit deeper in their wallets, purses, bank accounts and down the back of their settees to raise some cash.

The good news is that there are more ways to do this than ever before:


Could you or someone you know buy into one of the whole range of sponsorship packages? Remember which club featured in more home games shown live on prime time TV last season? We did! Find out more here:

Friends of EVRFC

Could you make a donation? This could be a one-off or a regular payment and is a brilliant way to show support because donations don’t attract VAT so 100% goes to the club. Can you afford £5 a month? £10? If 200 of our supporters donated £10 every month, that would raise £24000. Impossible? Well, the Friends of Newport RFC were able to hand over £40000 to the Black and Ambers last season…

Karl Offers and Steve Young run The Friends of EVRFC and will gratefully accept as much as an individual’s pocket can afford!

Sort code: 30 92 97 (Lloyds Bank)
Account no: 33007968

For further information, please email

Doing the weekly lottery

Even if  sponsorship and a donation aren’t practical – and we all know that times aren’t easy financially for many of us – then £1 a week on the club lottery has to be worth a go. Details at

Whatever you do, please do something.

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