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What happens next in the Premiership?

If you’re wondering exactly what happens next, our club secretary Ian James has put together this message, which tells you as much as we know.

“The WRU’s Premiership team starts working on fixtures today, January 9th.  The WRU and Premiership clubs will then meet on Monday 16th January when we’d hope to agree the format and publish the fixtures soon afterwards.
The prime criterion is to try and ensure that all clubs get the same home/away balance over the whole season i.e. 11 home, 11 away. This will mean that teams who have had 7 home and 8 away fixtures in the first section of the season (as we have) will have 4 home and 3 away fixtures in the second section.
Of the 7 other teams in the Top 8 Ebbw have played 5 away, but will only have 4 home games to “get the balance right”. This means a second away trip to one team we’ve already visited. RGC again, anyone?
Over the longer term the ‘home or away’ basis of the first section (rounds that finished yesterday) will be reversed on a two year cycle, so all the teams we played at home in the first half this year, we’ll play away next year.
Please note, this is all subject to change or tomy misinterpretation!
I’d be grateful for any constructive thoughts or comments, so please contact me if you have any: clubsecretary@evrfc.co.uk

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