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Over the last few weeks, we’ve been experiencing intermittent problems in updating and accessing this website. We understand the frustration experienced by supporters, but rest assured: it is nothing compared to that experienced by those of us who work to maintain, populate and finance it. Please bear in mind that, like everyone who  volunteers at the club, we do all this for the sheer love of it, on top of all the other stuff like full time jobs, families and social lives. If we occasionally fall short of your expectations, please forgive us: there’s always a reason, and it’s not because we can’t be bothered or are useless at what we do. Some things really are beyond our control, like the server on which our website lived being infected by spambots that sent out emails constantly, making it unavailable to view or to update – you’ve probably been annoyed by that ‘data base error’ message, but not as annoyed as our webmaster whose match reports for the Newport game completely disappeared without being uploaded.

Anyway, our website is now on a new server and we’ve been assured that all will be well. Let’s hope so, as I find crossing my fingers for luck makes typing almost impossible.

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