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Q&A with ND & JJ

There was a well attended Question and Answer session at the Welfare Club on Tuesday evening, with Head Coach Nigel Davies and Chairman Jonathan Jones answering supporters questions on a whole array of EVRFC-related matters. Here are some selected highlights that have been edited to maintain confidentiality where appropriate:

Q. Nigel, do you plan to stay for a few more seasons?

ND: I plan to stay as long as possible, it’s local for me as I live in Usk. JJ: He’s had other offers but has chosen to stay with us.

Q: You have been doing a lot more TV and radio lately, is that another route of your career to go alongside the coaching or instead of the coaching?

ND: I certainly enjoy it but can’t make a living out of it! But it’s something I enjoy. I’ve done very little this season, actually, but did contribute to the World Cup and the under 20’s games.

Q: Are you Looking for sponsors for next year?

JJ: Sponsorship is very difficult in this part of the world, and we rely on brilliant local sponsors who have been with us for years. Of course we always need more and, as Nigel says, with decreasing funding available we have to keep looking. The market drives what we do. Ideas are always needed such as match ball sponsors, and the gate money is also important. Small chunks work well.

Q: Can you and the players start coming into the bar after the games?

ND: Yes we are mindful that this should happen and it has slipped away this season. Players do want to do it as so many of them are local too. Martin (Cooke) came on board to support the club, in management and organising the team, chasing them regarding training and ensuring they’re mindful of their commitments.

Q: What can the Addicts do for you to help, what do you expect from us?

ND: It’s great the players know that there’s a core of supporters behind them and they definitely perform as a result of that. The players have a responsibility to them, their families and supporters, and they understand that culture, being local.

Q: Could we publish more information on line about players injuries and recovery?

ND: We can facilitate some information on injuries where appropriate. However we don’t want the opposing teams to know who’s injured.

Q: Will pre season training still be local?

ND: Pre-season will be predominantly local. There will be different work on skills like conditioning which is most important. However, we do want to mix it up a little such as working on the beach as they are good for grappling and contact.

Q: If Sam (Nigel’s son) isn’t playing for the Ospreys can we have him?

ND: Yes we asked but no we can’t…

Q: Do you agree that the new website is too complicated?

JJ: We’re not going backwards. It more modern, with more pictures and I think this is easier to maintain and use.

Q: Nigel, you talk about there being so many phases in the game. What is meant by this?
ND: Statistically if you work six phases you’re more likely to get the penalty. We have created a lot of opportunities from this. Our mantra is always “Sets of six”.

Q: Can we make these Q&A sessions a regular thing?

JJ: Yes absolutely fine with this, if we do it quarterly we’ll stop the void of non-factual information circulating.

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